Data Protection Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation introduced in May 2018 imposes strict rules about data privacy and security. This page explains how we process Personal Data, including how and why it's used and disclosed.


The type of data we collect and use.

On applying for membership of the 107th Scout Group, through our web page or using a paper form, the information provided by parents is collected to allow us to manage communication and to keep track of a person's progress through the various sections. This data will contain full name and personal details e.g. address, email, home and mobile telephone numbers, date of birth, gender, school, emergency contacts and information which might be essential to personal health and safety.

As organisers of the Weston Run we collect data from runners for the purpose managing their participation in the race. This data will contain name and contact details, date of birth (to determine their race category) and any UK Athletics/club affiliation.


How we store Personal Data.

Member data will be saved on a secure spreadsheet (encrypted and password-protected) and a secure online system called Online Scout Manager (OSM). OSM is a professionally developed system for day-to-day administration of scouting activities. It has been approved nationally by the Scout Association and used by Scout, Guide and Boys' Brigade associations worldwide.


How we use Personal Data.

Data relating to Members (including applicants on the waiting list) will be used to record their position and role within the 107th Scout Group and for the purposes of communication and managing their participation in activities organised by the 107th Scout Group. As a member progresses through the sections their achievements (awards and badges etc.) and participation in scouting activities will also be recorded. Data relating to participants in the Weston Run will only be used to manage their participation in the race, and for the purposes of scoring, timing and publication of results.


Sharing of Personal Data.

Personal Data managed by the 107th Scout Group will only be used by authorised persons within the Group (Leaders and Administrators) for legitimate purposes and will not be knowingly disclosed or shared with any third parties. Member details may be provided to the South Derby District Executive annually in connection with capitation fees, which provides national affiliation and insurance.

Names of runners competing in The Weston Run may be provided to UK Athletics, who licence and regulate the race. Competitors' names, position and finish time will be listed in the race results published on our web site.


Accuracy and integrity of Personal Data.

We encourage membership applications and Weston Run entries to be submitted via our web site, thereby maximising the accuracy of data at source. Applications will be confirmed by e-mail with a copy of the submitted data providing a further check. OSM has a secure log-in facility to allow members and parents to view and amend their personal details, thereby keeping them up to date.

Member data and history will be deleted when a member leaves the Group. Weston Run participants will be given the opportunity to have their contact details left on file so that they can be informed about future plans for the event.


Communicating with you.

The current regulations mean that we must obtain your consent in advance before using data we hold to contact you by mail, e-mail or telephone. This will normally be done as part of the application process but if you wish to withdraw this consent or opt out of any form of communication, this may be done by e-mailing the Group at any time.