Activity Programme for Explorers

Jan 2017ActivityNotes
Mon9Hut night new starters and programme review20:00 to 21:30
Mon16Roller world19:30 to 21:30
Mon23Drum Hill survival skills20:00 to 21:30
Feb 2017ActivityNotes
Mon6AED training and weekend planning20:00 to 21:30
Mon20Escape room20:00 to 21:30
Fri24Whitby weekend18:00 to 18:00
Mon27blindfold pancakes20:00 to 21:30
Mar 2017ActivityNotes
Mon6First Aid20:00 to 21:30
Sun12Fun Run11:00 to 13:00
Mon13Gradbach weekend kit ceck and route planning20:00 to 21:30
Sat18Gradbach Hike08:00 to 24:00
Sun19Gradbach Hike01:00 to 17:00
Mon20Swimming19:00 to 21:30
Mon274 Inn planning and group website20:00 to 21:30
Apr 2017ActivityNotes
Sat14 Inns walk06:00 to 22:00
Mon3pioneering20:00 to 21:30
Nov 2017ActivityNotes
Thu30Skiing Lesson20:00 to 21:30